"Some kind of magic happened with that horse… I would really love to say it was by design, but it was a complete accident. Now we have stared for many hours at that horse, trying to define it’s essence… But the horse itself was a complete accident."

- The owner and CEO of Archie McPhee, the incredible novelty company behind the horse head mask, on this week’s Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show. Listen on iTunes or


whenever i see a frog on a lily pad im like yeah man… thats exactly where youre supposed to be

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    Me during the entire months of summer: sleep, eat, television, video games, don't see sunlight for 3 days
    Everyone else in one day of summer: went to the moon, fell in love, traveled to france, met obama, kissed lance bass, starred in a porn, got a tattoo, rode a giraffe
"I thought I asked you to make this idiot-proof. Somehow, I manage to keep breaking it."
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you know when ur in a certain position in the car where its like wow if i get in a crash im fucked

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love how kids introduce themselves like “hello im johnny im five years old i know how to read” yeah cool i didnt ask for your life story asshole

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Theorem: Puppys are cool



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